Smart tshirt for Health

A group of experimenters has developed a new material they say is as soft as cotton but as strong as Kevlar and as conductive as numerous essence. It can be worn and washed like normal apparel and could ultimately turn athletic vesture into smart”wearables.” The so- called” carbon nanotube vestments” work also to the cables in an electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring device, which measures heart measures to descry heart conditions. But rather of having to be renovated onto the skin, they can be darned into a t-shirt and worn like normal athletic wear, according to a new study from inquiries at a Rice University Brown School of Engineering lab. And unlike cables, they say the vestments can comfortably move with the wearer, and be washed, stretched and worn constantly without breaking down.Though likely a ways out from going into product for consumers, the material could ultimately help replace big EKG Holter monitors in medical settings and heart- rate monitoring watches and casket strips for athletes, in addition to other implicit uses.“Another intriguing operation of this technology …

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Medicine overdose deaths in the US tick up again to another record high, according to CDC data

The unknown rise in medicine overdose deaths in the United States continues, reaching another record high, according to new provisional data published Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The CDC estimates that people failed due to medicine overdose in the 12-month period ending November 2021. Periodic medicine overdose deaths have further than doubled over the once six times, jumping 16 over the once time alone.Synthetic opioids– including fentanyl– were involved in about two-thirds of medicine overdose deaths over the once time. While deaths involving heroin have declined in recent months, deaths involving synthetic opioids or psychostimulants have nearly doubled in number over the once two times.Over the once time, overdose deaths rose in all but three countries Wyoming, Hawaii and New Hampshire. A third of all overdose deaths passed in five countries California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

Honda’s new investment

Honda is joining the flurry of global automakers spending knockouts of billions of bones to go electric. The Japanese company blazoned Tuesday that it would invest roughly 5 trillion yearning ($39.8 billion) to exhilarate its lineup over the coming decade, including software and exploration and development.It wants to launch 30 new electric vehicle models, including two SUVs and a mini auto, by 2030. The manufacturer also plans to ramp up product to further than 2 million EVs annually. Honda (HMC) is paying particular attention to the development of so- called” solid- state batteries,”a source of power that is intended to be lighter and faster to recharge, and offer further traveling range than the lithium-ion batteries traditionally used to power electric buses.So far, the company has sunk 43 billion yearning ($ 343 million) into developing its own line of solid- state batteries, which it said it hopes to bring to request”in the alternate half”of …

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